Home Pet Care is completely mobile, which means we come to you. We offer a range of routine veterinary services including:

▪ General health checks
▪ Avian, reptile, exotic pets
▪ Vaccinations & annual heartworm injections
▪ Puppy & kitten health checks & vaccination courses
▪ Microchipping
▪ Flea/tick & intestinal worm prevention
▪ General vet exams (eg. skin conditions, allergies, ear infections, wounds, etc)
▪ Examination of lumps and bumps, & removal of smaller lumps under local anaesthetic
▪ Nutritional management & weight management plans
▪ Diagnostic pathology (eg blood tests, cytology)
▪ Dental check ups
▪ Behavioural consultations
▪ Nail trimming & expressing anal glands
▪ Cartrophen (pentosan) injections for arthritis
▪ Palliative care and Home Euthanasia
▪ A range of veterinary product supplies

We have strong relationships with several Veterinary Hospitals across the Sunshine Coast to assist with any hospitalisation, anaesthesia or surgery that might be needed.

To book an appointment, please call Dr Mel on 0419130684